• Temporary Closer of office

    Where, it has been brought to the knowledge of the undersigned that a visitor who visit the office on 22-9-2020 had tested COVID-19 positive on 23-9-2020 And whereas, there is possibility of spreading the disease among the staffs of Directorate of Economic and Statistics, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar shall closed down for two (2) days i.e on 24-25th September 2020 for sanitization. Official Letter will be shown in document section under notification.

  • 78 round National Sample Servey under progress 1-Jan to 31-Dec 2020

    (1) Domestic Tourism Expenditure (2) Multiple Indicator Survey.

  • Good Health and well being and gender equality

    Statistics Day was observe throught out the country on 29 may 2020.